Who We Are

Information technology for energy — i4Energy is a growing community of experts and innovators who are defining and carrying out a research agenda to yield IT solutions for our energy future.

Energy is one of the grand challenges of our age. Where do we get it? Can we use it efficiently, intelligently? Will it be there when we need it? The answers rely on an energy infrastructure that communicates constantly, and in all directions — from energy’s very sources to the buildings where we use it most. Read More

PROJintro Cory HallOur electric grid is remarkably robust, but the next big storm or calamity can still bring costly, disruptive power outages. An entirely new way to monitor the flow of electricity through the grid is giving us deeper insight into its operating state - knowledge that can diminish outages and increase stability. A new instrument, called a micro-synchrophasor, puts a whole new twist on visibility of the the grid.

PROJintro sutardjaDaiHall

There’s no place like home, and i4Energy researchers know it, turning their own new building into a laboratory for leading-edge demand response approaches. Sutardja Dai Hall is CITRIS headquarters on the UC Berkeley campus. The goal: to develop intelligent control for its electricity load, and reduce peak demand by at least 30%.