Expert and experienced, i4Energy’s leaders are front-and-center in redefining our energy future.

The leadership team tops an org chart of movers and shakers in energy, sustainability, clean tech, and a host of world-changing new technologies. With long experience in imagining and implementing major research programs, i4Energy leaders muster the multidisciplinary efforts needed to put IT to work to bring us clean, affordable, available energy.


  • Professor & Chair, Computer Science, UC Berkeley Associate Chair, Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences (EECS), UC Berkeley

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    David Culler has advanced many critical technologies since joining the UC Berkeley faculty in computer science in 1989. His research centers on complex energy systems, embedded wireless networks, cybersecurity, global Internet services, and parallel computing.

    A member of the National Academy of Engineering, he is a Fellow of both ACM and IEEE. In 2003 his work on networks of wireless sensors earned him a place on Scientific American’s annual list of top 50 innovators and Technology Review’s “10 Emerging Technologies That Will Change the World.” Culler earned his B.A. at UC Berkeley and his Ph.D. at MIT.

  • Director, California Institute for Energy & Environment (CIEE) Program Director, Behavior & Decision Making, CIEE

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    Carl Blumstein is a founder of CIEE, working to define, plan, and manage public-interest energy research. He played a role in the establishment of the California Energy Commission’s Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) program in 1998, and has worked closely with it since. His research centers on energy efficiency, energy policy, and restructuring the electric-power supply industry.

    He chairs the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), among many pivotal appointments in the field. He holds a B.S. from Reed College, an M.S. from San Diego State University, and his Ph.D. in chemistry from UC San Diego.

  • Research Coordinator, Enabling Technologies, California Institute for Energy & Environment

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    Therese Peffer, works on Demand Response, Smart Grid and Building-to-Grid research projects based at CITRIS and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Her current focus, energy consumption displays, thermostats, and consumer behavior, includes developing metrics for the EPA's EnergyStar specifications on climate controls, and other user interface usability research.

    Therese earned a Ph.D. in Architecture with an emphasis on building science at UC Berkeley, a Master's degree in Architecture at the University of Oregon, and a B.A. in neurobiology and psychology from UC Berkeley.

Executive Committee

David Culler
Faculty Director, i4Energy Center
Professor and Chair, Computer Science, UC Berkeley

Paul Wright
Director, Berkeley Energy and Climate Institute
A. Martin Berlin Professor, Mechanical Engineering, UC Berkeley

Carl Blumstein
Director, California Institute for Energy & Environment

Mary Ann Piette
Research Director, Demand Response Research Center, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory