Imagine an energy infrastructure pulsating with information — from the outlets in your home, to the pathways of the power grid, to the very sources of renewable and conventional energy.

With a portfolio of ahead-of-the-game research, i4Energy is steadily advancing our ability to model, monitor, test, and assess energy usage and demand, both across the grid and in the buildings where we live and work. At the core of each project is innovation in information technology — finding new ways to infuse the system with information, and make smart use of it to meet our energy needs.

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Residential Energy Gateway

The consumer is key to an energy-efficient future. Today, 87% of U.S. homes are air conditioned, 50 million have three or more TVs, and home electronics and appliances are proliferating. Even with efficiency on the rise, managing the mounting electrical load in our homes — and educating residents about energy use — is critical. Read More »