i4Energy Research Symposiums

2013 September 17

Talk List
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Therese Peffer, CIEE
Berkeley Energy and Climate Institute (BECI)
Paul Wright, UCB
David Culler, UCB
Korean Micro-Energy Grid
Therese Peffer, CIEE
Natural Gas Pipeline Sensors
Igor Paprotny, UIC & UCB
Sensor-Based Cables for Underground Reliability of Electricity Infrastructures
Igor Paprotny, UIC & UCB
Enabling Technologies Development Project Update
Introductory remarks
Paul Wright, UCB
Low power radios and microcontrollers
Igor Paprotny, UIC & UCB
MEMS sensor developments
Chris Sherman, GSR
Energy harvesting developments
Paul Wright & Dick White, UCB
Printed energy storage and integration with energy harvesting
James Evans, UCB
Impact of PVs on California’s Distribution System
Michael Cohen, GSR
Distribution Monitoring for Renewables Integration
Alexandra von Meier for Lloyd Cibulka, CIEE
Micro-Synchrophasors for Distribution Systems
Alexandra von Meier, CIEE/EECS
Demand-to-Grid Lab and Smart Appliances
Charles McParland, LBNL
Vehicle-to-Grid Project at Los Angeles AFB
Jason MacDonald, LBNL
Changing the Rules of Personal Comfort
Edward Arens, UCB
Building Operating Systems Services (BOSS)
Andrew Krioukov, GSR
High-Throughput Printed Gel Polymer Electrolyte for Integration with Flexible Energy Storage
Rich Winslow, Zuoqian (Joe) Wang, & Chun Hsing Wu, UCB
Automated Demand Response For Commercial Buildings In New York
Sila Kiliccote, LBNL
Center for the Built Environment (CBE)
Edward Arens, UCB
Residential Energy Gateway (REG) Reference Design
Daniel Arnold & Michael Sankur, UCB

2012 September 18

Talk List
Gaymond Yee, CIEE
FLEXLAB, Facility for Low Energy Experiments in Buildings: Status & Plans
Stephen Selkowitz, LBNL
LED Cooling with Piezoelectric Fans
Alic Chen, UC Berkeley
Fault Detection in Underground Distribution Cables
Richard White and Igor Paprotny, UC Berkeley
Natural Gas Pipeline Sensors
Richard White and Igor Paprotny, UC Berkeley
Reference Design for Residential Energy Gateways
Daniel Arnold, UC Berkeley
Overview UC Berkeley DR Research
Paul Wright, CITRIS Director
Stick-on Wireless Circuit Breaker Current Monitoring
Richard Xu, UC Berkeley
Integration of Scavenging, Sensors, & Wireless Systems For Machinery & Energy Plant Monitoring
Andrew Waterbury, UC Berkeley
Integration of Scavenging and Storage
Lindsay Miller, UC Berkeley
High-Throughput Printed Energy Storage
Rich Winslow, UC Berkeley
Distributed Intelligent Automated Demand Response Demonstration
Jason Trager, Prasad Mukka, & Michael Sankur
Sutardja Dai Hall Demand Response Project
Sutardja Dai Hall Demand Response, Introductions & Scope of Project
David Auslander
DRAS-SEB-Gateway Building Functionality:
OpenADR, Mary Ann Piette
Smart Energy Box, Prasad Mukka
Gateway, Michael Sankur
Local Energy Gateway, Siyuan Zhou
DR Controller, Michael Sankur
Data Management & Apps:
Building-Wide Energy Audit & Association, Jason Trager
sMAP, David Culler
Control integration/PLC & PTC, David Culler
Modeling & Optimization:
Establishing a Baseline, Tyler Jones
Developing the EnergyPlus Model/Algorithms/Simulations, Rongxin Yin
UCB DR Controller Optimization, Jason Trager
SEB & Gateway Optimization, Prasad Mukka/Siyuan Zhou
DR Capacity Assessment & Operation Assistance Tool, Thomas Gruenewald
Results & Next Steps:
SCR Test Results with SEB, Prasad Mukka
UCB Test Results, Rongxin Yin
Commercialization Plan & Cost Analysis, Pornsak Songkakul
Next steps, Wrap up, David Culler