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Where's my energy when I need it?
A layer of instantaneous communication can transform our energy grid and our built environment, transmitting information to and from every part of the energy system. The result? An intelligent system, dramatically improved performance in every direction - and affordable, reliable energy when you want it.


Can we really deliver sustainable energy?
An intelligent grid can integrate energy from many sources. Today, that's still a challenge. Power from renewables, like solar and wind, flows intermittently, a behavior the conventional grid can't understand. Guided by constant information, the grid can adapt. Information technology will be the maestro, orchestrating the seamless flow of energy from diverse sources.


Can we start where we live, with efficient, adaptable buildings?
We need to think in new ways about everything. But, yes, solutions begin at home. Buildings eat up the lion's share of energy in the U.S. Innovation has impact: new building-to-grid technologies, indoor sensors that audit energy use, and micro-devices that scavenge unused energy from the environment are changing the way we live.


It's all about information and communication, right?
Whether it's the grid, the built environment, or our own community of researchers, the interactive exchange of ideas and information is key. We're creating a team of energy leaders and innovators who share knowledge, push technologies, and build on each other's advances in using information and technology to meet our energy goals.