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Top 5 Best Rolling Standing Desks – Mobile and Compact

rolling standing desk

Rolling standing desks are a multifunctional, compact, and easy solution if you want to shift to a healthier lifestyle. Also, these mobile desks are more adorable than sit-stand desks. I am going to review the best rolling standing desks that you’ll find quite handy. Mind Reader sit-stand desk ($ 71.99) This mobile sit-stand desk from […]

Autonomous Kinn chair review: Is it as Ergonomic as it claims to be?

Autonomous kinn chair

Many claim that the Autonomous Kinn chair is one of the most ergonomic office chairs in the market today. And it seems like it’s offering a more affordable ergonomic solution. The office chair is quite stunning, you would instantly see that it resembles a lot like the Herman Miller Embody. But is it as comfortable […]

Sutardja Dai Hall Demand Response

Sutardja Dai Hall

Sutardja Dai Hall, CITRIS headquarters at UC Berkeley, has been outfitted as a demand-response technology testbed. The goal: to develop intelligent control of its electricity load, and reduce peak demand by at least 30%. Sutardja Dai Hall Starting with the building’s modern energy-management system, the project’s strategy is to mine increasingly granular data via extensive […]