Fully Jarvis vs Autonomous Smartdesk Pro – You wish you read this sooner!

Fully Jarvis vs Autonomous Smartdesk

Autonomous smartdesk pro, on the other hand, is a more expensive option but offers more features and customization options. It is also taller than fully jarvis, making it a better choice for taller users.

Today on this article, we will make a deep comparison between them. We will take a look at these factors on the brands: Warranty, quality of build, customer service, the shipping price. With the products, we will compare these factors: Weight Capacity, Height Adjustable, Size of the tabletop, Lift Type, Controller and more

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Fully vs Autonomous – The brand showdown

Fully is an American company established in 2015 while Autonomous is a Chinese brand that was founded in 2015. When it comes to warranty, Fully and Autonomous offers 1 year, same.

The quality of build

These two brands have a different way of building their standing desk. Fully uses heavy-duty steel material for its frames and legs to increase stability while Autonomous uses light aluminum/steel alloy for the frame and legs.

Shipping price

Both Fully and Autonomous offer free shipping throughout US except Alaska & Hawaii which has additional charges for shipping fee. On the other hand, Fully offers free shipping while Autonomous only offers refunded if the standing desk is fully returned within 30 days.

Customer service

Customers who bought Fully’s standing desks are satisfied with their customer service that they get from the company because of how responsive they are whenever there is a problem on their hands. The issue here is that Fully only offers telephone support while Autonomous offers both phone and email support for its customers. This means if there is any problems with the product or accessory, then Autonomous will go extra miles to solve it while Fully relies on someone else to do so instead of them.

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Jarvis vs Smartdesk Pro comparison

When it comes to a showdown, both of them have several products in their lineup. Fully has its own Custom Jarvis Collection that consists of three adjustable-height desks. On the other hand, Autonomous Smartdesk Pro also has two series available which are known as Series A and Series B Standing Desk. However, each one varies when it comes to features and options.

Weight Capacity

Jarvis Series has a weight capacity of 220 lbs while SmartDesk Pro Series has 350 lbs. The only difference here is the additional 110 lbs that Autonomous Smartdesk Pro offers. If you are looking for something more durable and sturdy, then this is more suitable.

Height adjustable

Both brands offer seven total height adjustment options to pick from but they vary on how tall they can get. Jarvis Desk tops out at 50 inches which is not bad if you are 6 feet or shorter, while Autonomous Smartdesk Pro tops out at 59 inches which is great if you are 6 foot 3 inches or taller. This means Autonomous Smartdesk Pro does have an inch higher in both minimum and maximum heights compared to Fully’s Custom Jarvis Desk.

Size of the tabletop

Each model in Fully’s Custom Jarvis Collection has a different size for its tabletop, while Autonomous Smartdesk Pro offers three sizes which are 30 inches, 36 inches and 48 inches. It means that if you are upgrading from smaller models, then go with fully jarvis because it makes more sense to upgrade rather than downgrade your standing desk.

The feet of the desk frame

If you are looking for a desk that is easy to move around, Fully Jarvis might not be the best option because it has large feet at the bottom of the desk frame which can make it difficult to slide. Autonomous SmartDesk Pro, comes with small adjustable feet at the bottom which make it easier to move around.

Lift type

Both brands offer two types of lift mechanism that is conventional crank type and smart dual-motor direct drive electric motor. The major difference here is how they work, though both of them works well enough to make sure you will get the job done.


Jarvis Desk comes with an analog controller which gives you up/down buttons and a knob to adjust your standing desk manually. Autonomous Smartdesk Pro comes with an intelligent digital controller which gives you up/down buttons and some additional feature like display jog wheel, backlight and more.


Both brands are easy to assemble, but Autonomous Smartdesk Pro is easier to put it together because Fully Custom Jarvis Desk comes unassembled. If you get your hands on Autonomous standing desk, then expect this task will take less than 30 minutes while Fully’s standing desk takes longer than that.


They come at different prices, for example fully jarvis starts at $499 and tops out at $949 whereas autonomous smartdesk pro starts at $379 and tops out at $899. This means if you are looking for something affordable yet durable enough, then go with full jarvis because it offers more value for the price compared to Autonomous’s SmartDesk Pro Series. But if you want something durable with the highest weight capacity, then Autonomous Smartdesk Pro is the way to go because it can hold over 350 lbs.


At the end of the day, it all comes down to your preference and budget. You get exactly what you pay for with both Fully Custom Jarvis Desk and Autonomous SmartDesk Pro Series Standing Desk. They are readily available on Amazon Online Store if you want to check them out for yourself. If you want more options, check a few suggestions on Reddit