Luna Standing Desk Stool Review: Is it for you?

Luna Standing Desk Stool review

The Luna stool allows you to be in a position between sitting and standing. As with other sit-stand stools and chairs, it keeps your core engaged and hips open. All sit-stand stools are supposed to help you keep an upright position so you can engage your core better. But what sets it apart from stools and chairs of its kind?

Let’s see what you’ll love about the Luna stool and why you’ll also not want to buy one. Keep scrolling.

About the brand

Fully is a well-known brand for its standing desk and standing desk converters. It’s one of the go-to brands for most users. The Fully Jarvis, specifically, has been a favorite among many. 

Fully is manufactured by a Chinese company, Jiecang Linear motors. But albeit it’s made in China tag, it’s still one of the popular choices among Americans.

Why you’ll love the Luna


The Luna gives you so much room for movement. There’s a nice bounce to the stool, but not too rocky. And it feels kind of fun to sit on the chair. I love how it feels like a mini playground where you can shift your body to the sides, perch forward, or do a semi-squat position. And you’ll still feel supported throughout.

The base is made of non-slip aluminum material. So even if you lean or perch forward, the base of the stool is still grounded on the floor. It lets you tilt in almost any direction and the range of movement is pretty decent. It’s a bit similar to how Learniture works. You can enjoy the same tilt and more rocking motion. The Learniture just has a more rounded base.

Fancy and fun design

The stool looks like it came from a studio. The all-metal construction also makes it look sleek. But at the same time, you’d be able to tell that it has a robust and solid built. It’s a fun and fancy way to liven up your office and even your home office. 

Shipping and assembly 

You can use the stool right out of the box. The Luna comes in fully assembled already. So you don’t need to do any DIY setup or whatnot. It comes in one big box but it’s fairly easy to move. And since it’s lightweight, it can be portable. So it’s easy to grab a luna stool for impromptu meetings. 

Shipping is rather fast. And It’s free for the lower 48 states. So it’s a great deal and you can save money. Whenever a product tosses in free delivery, it’s going to be brownie points. 

Warranty and low price guarantee

As for the warranty, the brand offers a 3-year warranty. It’s decent enough. But other brands offer more generous coverage such as Varimove, Pogo, and Learniture. 

The low price guarantee is something that’s unique to Fully. The brand assures you that you’ll get the lowest price from them. And if you happen to find a lower price somewhere else, the brand is willing to match it. 

You can also take advantage of the 30-day free return. So it won’t pretty much cost you to try out the chair. Should you find it uncomfortable, you can return it so long as it’s still in mint condition.

Can accommodate taller users

it has a height adjustment level of 23.6 to 33.5 inches. So It has sufficient height adjustment that can accommodate someone who stands up to 6’4”.

What you won’t like about the Luna

Too thin cushion

While this type of stool isn’t meant to be seated on for longer hours. I find the Luna painful on the butt. The cushion is too that even after a few hours of sitting on it, it already feels too rigid. The overall support is too firm. And if you are a bit heavier, you’ll notice the thin padding the moment you sit on it.

Some users outfitted their Luna with an additional cushion. It might work for some. But I find it kind of a hassle to wrap around a thicker cushion on the stool just to make it plusher. And this stool isn’t cheap for you to do a DIY cushion wrap on it. 

So if you want a plush to sit and stand stool, this isn’t for you. 

Small seat

The diameter of the seat is a bit small. Maybe this is the chair’s way of telling you not to sit for too long. So if you are a bit heavier, you will feel like just half of your butt is seated on the chair. This chair will work for lightweight and slim individuals. 

Not for petite users

While the stool can fit those who are taller, petite users will find it quite uncomfortable. You might find your legs dangling from the base of the chair. And you’d feel that the circulation on your thighs is cut off. So if you fancy this cool looking chair but you stand 5 to 5”2”, it’s better to look for an alternative. You might find the Varier Move stool more fitting for your shorter stature. 

Who is it for

The Luna is a pretty little stool. But it will be uncomfortable for a lot of users. Since it’s a standing desk stool, you can only use it for a few hours. This chair is not meant to be sat on for more than three hours. You need to move and shift from standing to sitting to appreciate this chair.

This stool isn’t for users who are just setting to transition to a standing desk. The cushion is so thin that you’d rather stand more than sit. So this can work for those who just need a bit of a break from standing. Say, taking a break from standing for an hour max. Longer than, it can dig into your buttocks. 

The cushion can flatten out easily. And added the fact that it’s thin already, it can feel too rigid. So even if the chair is rated to support those who weigh 300 lbs, it’s not going to be comfortable for them. So this is recommended for those who are lighter or are of average weight. 

Alternatives to the Luna stool

If you don’t fit into the Luna, here are other standing stools that you might find comfortable.

  • POGO

This standing desk stool from Sitmatic looks similar to the Luna, but it has a thicker cushioned padding. And the warranty for the base is a real bang for your buck. The brand offers a lifetime limited warranty. It’s also made in the USA so it does have a better build and craftsmanship compared to the Luna.

The molded foam is of high quality and the padding is quite comfortable. So if you’re looking for a plush and wider seat, this is it. But of course, you won’t be able to use this chair for prolonged hours.

  • Pivot

It has a better warranty period than Luna. The pivot offers a 5-year coverage. Also, it has a wider seat height adjustment range that can be comfortable for both taller and shorter users. 

The seat isn’t padded, so expect a really firm support on your buttocks. And like the Luna, it’s also lightweight and portable. So it’s easy to grab for an impromptu meeting.

  • Focal Mogo

If you’re on a budget, the Mogo stool can indulge you. This stool can accommodate taller and shorter users. And even those who stand 6’7 will find a sweet spot, it has a wider height adjustment range than the Luna. 

It’s lighter compared to the Luna. And since it’s collapsible, you can bring it anywhere with you. You can even toss in your backpack.

But with the lower price comes a lower build quality and shorter warranty period. And the seat has thinner padding compared to the Luna. You’ll only feel comfortable for just about 15 minutes. 

Final say 

This sit-stand stool from Fully is priced higher than some stools of similar look and function. If comfort is your priority, this will be the least of your choices. It’s also a medium-duty stool, so if you’re big this isn’t for you. But it will stand out from other China made standing desk stool, it will have a better build and quality