Skytech Gaming Pc Review

Skytech Gaming Pc review by I4energy

This Skytech Chronos gaming pc desktop (Chronos Gaming PC Desktop – AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 3.6GHz) is a midrange built that boasts of quite an affordable price tag. Will you still be able to play high-intensity games with a gaming PC at such a price? Let’s see below.

Advertised right

One dilemma we have encountered with other pre-built gaming PC desktop, they do not seem to have all the specs that were advertised. So when you unbox the unit you’ll feel that you have been ripped off. This is true for some affordable brands.

That is what we appreciated with this Skytech Chronos PC. We were able to receive the PC as it was advertised. There was not any misrepresentation. So even if the specs aren’t really the most premium or high end, you will not feel like you have been deceived.


Plug and play

One of the conveniences of buying a prebuilt gaming PC is you don’t have to do the dirty work of building it yourself. While there is beauty in building your own gaming desktop, if you do not know what needs to go in it, you’ll likely be unsuccessful. And instead of saving money, you might be spending too much.

And not all prebuilt gaming desktops are easy to install. Some may also give you a challenging time. That’s what we love about this Skytech Chronos, it’s plug and play. Even greenhorns in gaming will not have a challenging time installing it. It’s ready to go with very minimal effort.

The only thing you’ll need to install is the GPU drivers. And it will only take you around 5 minutes to do so.

And trust us, if it’s your first time to power on a prebuilt PC, you won’t be intimidated by this unit.

Works well for both low to high-intensity games

This Skytech Chronos runs pretty fast and smoothly, there are just a few hiccups. It runs well and powers well for both low intensity and even high-intensity games. So you’re getting a real value for your purchase.

Reliable customer service and decent packaging

If ever you encounter any problems such as the PC periodically shutting down when you’re playing very high-intensity games, you can contact customer service and they will be very happy to help you out. We have encountered just a minor glitch with the computer shutting down in the middle of playing a high-intensity game. And the customer service was able to help us resolve the issue.

It turned out we needed a BIOS upgrade. And after the said upgrade, the computer performed seamlessly. And we were able to play high-intensity games.

As for the packaging, we were also pretty happy with it. The unit arrived in one piece, without any damage or scratches. And we are also able to receive our purchase within a week. We’re expecting it to be longer since a lot of people have been purchasing PC builts online. So we were quite satisfied with how the shipping went.

Need for more RAM

This PC build comes with 16 GB of memory. Though this is quite acceptable with a PC built of its range, upgrading it to more storage will help you multitask. We suggest getting an additional memory stick, 32 GB seems to fit the bill.

Additional comments

  • The mouse and the keyboard are pretty decent, they aren’t the most fancy but it works fine.
  • Everything was plug and play. You only have to download the aura lighting to set the RGB lighting. But take note that it’s basic. There’s nothing too flashy with the RGB. So if you are looking for more fancy lights and glitz, this is for you. But some users encounter problems with the RGB lights flickering from time to time. So if this concerns you, you might want to look for another unit. And if you want all the RGB glitz and glam, this is not the PC built for you.
  • The cost of this prebuilt PC is very decent. And with a next-gen GC, it’s worth the buy. Prices of pre-built PC skyrocket during COVID, but the Skytech Chronos seems to have retained its price tag pre COVID.
  • You might need to upgrade your RAM with 2 more sticks for optimum performance.
  • The GPU is our least favorite feature. You might want to consider getting a more quality one.
  • There were several parts of the system that were not up to date. The BIOS and the drivers aren’t upgraded. So eventually, you might encounter problems such as the computer shutting down during a very high-intensity game. Thus, the need to upgrade these.
  • We received everything as advertised, so we are pretty happy with this. It means you’re paying for what you really want and need.
  • The Ryzen 3700x can run a bit hot though. What you can do is go to the BIOS and set a performance profile. Indicate that all case fans monitor CPU vs MB temps. This will likely solve the problem.
  • The unit that we received has heat sink metal on the GPU bent weirdly. We are not sure if it was meant to be like that or there was an issue with quality control.
  • It’s advisable to add a CPU cooler. But take note that it won’t be able to fit on top of the case. So we had to install it at the front.
  • The case fans are pretty quiet.
  • It’s suitable for those who are starting on PC gaming. Price is at par with the performance.


The Skytech Chronos PC built is no doubt very affordable. When the price of most PC builds increased during this pandemic, this PC built did not. Expect to get all the specs and features as advertised.

We’re quite happy with the processor and how fast it is running. You can play low intensity to high-intensity games with no problem. Only a few users were heard to have encountered problems with the processor. We’d say this is the unit’s strongest suit.

However, there are several parts of the system that will fail after using the PC built for a month. It is a plug and play gaming desktop. You might encounter the PC shutting off when playing very high-intensity games. Some of the issues were easily resolved by downloading upgrades. But if all else fails, you have to purchase a more quality GPU, for instance.

Albeit the glitches, you can still get a decent value out of it. And the good thing is the glitches can be easily resolved by installing upgrades. Even the newbies won’t have a hard time doing so. And the customer service is also very responsive. You’re most likely to get an answer to your queries right away.

But take note that this is a really basic PC built. There’s not anything fancy about it and it does not have all the bells and the whistle. All the parts are pretty average. But we were satisfied with how this gaming PC can accommodate high-intensity games. And if you want to play very high-intensity games, you can upgrade some of the parts or opt to get a more premium GPU.